Sunday Afternoon at Goldstock Camp

This past Sunday a film crew started filming for a documentary about the history of Goldstock and the impact it has had on dog rescues over the past 15+ years.

It was an extremely rare chance for me to sneak Trinity and Brady into camp before we attend Goldstock Camp this upcoming Labor Day weekend. Having the beach all to ourselves for an entire afternoon is not something that happens to often at Goldstock. And the best part is that Tori, one of Trinity and Brady's friend from camp was also there getting filmed for the documentary.

If you love dogs and you love taking pictures of them even more than this is the event for you. It's four days of pure relaxation with a community that is open and welcome to all who love dogs as much as they do. The best part is all money raised over the weekend goes to benefit Rescues all over the country.

There was a really great article about it in the Huffington Post last year that featured some of my photos from camp if you'd like to read up more about this great event. And you can check out even more pictures by flipping through my archives of previous years events.

For more information on Goldstock please visit their site at