The Best of Trinity and Brady 2014

Being that I spend most of my down time with my wife and my dogs and my wife won't let me take pictures of her this is a place for me to dump my images of my dogs throughout the year.

Trinity is 11, Brady is 5 and they go every where together except for the therapy sessions, that's all Trinity because Brady would terrorize the hospitals and libraries that Trinity goes to every month.

Eric Garner Protest March


A few images from tonights protest march that I walked head on into as it was leaving Times Square tonight and I was heading home from work. 

The protesters zig zagged back and forth across midtown before ending up in Columbus Circle. They then headed east towards the 59th Street bridge where they shut it down in both directions for more than a half hour.

A Sunday Afternoon with Benny

Benny is an 8-year-old Bernese Mountain dog that lives in upstate New York. I got to spend a whole day with Benny, I met him nice and early at The Country Store at Jiminy Peak Ski Resort where he is a little bit of a local celebrity and basically runs the store when he's there. We then went back to his beautiful farm where he watched me eat lunch and then we went for a long walk around the countryside. We met some of his neighbors, rolled in the grass and enjoyed the unusually warm weather for this time of year. It was an absolutely wonderful day and I can't wait to see Benny again. I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I enjoyed spending the day with Benny.