Golden Retrievers Rescued from Streets of Istanbul

Three Golden Retriever Rescue organizations in the tri-state area teamed up over the last few months in a sleepless effort to rescue 18 Golden Retrievers from the streets of Istanbul. They followed the lead of Adopt-A-Golden out of Atlanta who originally started rescuing Golden's from Turkey when they saw the conditions these dogs were in. You can read more about this story by clicking on this article. Below are some of the pictures I got of these newest Turkey Rescue Dogs arriving at JFK International Airport on September 11, 2015. They were transported from the plane to a cargo hold area where they were allowed out of their crates for about an hour to relieve themselves and get some much needed love and attention after being in crates for the 10+ hour journey they endured to get here. After about an hour of a lot of happy tears and tail wags they were loaded back into their crates for an hours long drive to where they were going to spend their first night in the United States. This effort has cost the three rescues involved a mountain of cash over the last few months and costs continue to mount.